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Name's Pau! This is a Jesse Eisenberg Appreciation Blog. Just so everyone knows, this isn't the main blog on my tumblr account. My tumblr account with this blog is retlawdisigny So if I 'answer privately'...do not be surprised to find a different tumblr name.

Um. And I tend to do random Jesse spams. Just so you know.

I was excited to hear that it is audiobook month becoss I am a performer of audiobooks as well as a consumer of audiobooks. I am about to finish listening to David Brooks’ book “The Social Animal.” I love the man who reads it, although I wish he would speed it up a little bit towards the end because I have somewhere to be and would like to finish it. I love audiobooks in general becoss they allow my hands to do other things while I take in a story and they are such a wonderful way to convey literature to those who might not have the immediate ability to read a book. I work with students who read the books on tape that I’ve read and I read with them in person and they follow along in the book and it kind of, maybe expedites the learning to read process and makes it fun. And I look forward to doing more and to celebrating….this month….debaucherously. (x)

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#only a TSN fan can look at those gifs of people being obviously happy and start crying his heart out

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Favourite People

L Jesse Eisenberg 

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favourite films:
The Social Network (2010)

Andrew Garfield: Look at the sandwich.
Max Minghella: The sandwich was great. It’s enormous.
Andrew Garfield: I think there’s a moment when Jesse is trying to put it in his pocket…it’s really subtle though…[laughs] He’s trying to figure out a way of taking it out with him.
Armie Hammer: ‘What do I do with this thing?’
Max Minghella: It’s so foreign to him, too. It’s a giant sandwich. He’s like, ‘I don’t even know what this is.’

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Q: Your favourite [Italian] dish?

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Now You See Me: On the Set [x]

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on the set of Now You See Me in Las Vegas | April 10, 2012

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